"Pharmacy Rousseau : We take your health to heart "

Located in the heart of Brussels Avenue Louise a few steps from the Hilton and Conrad hotels and fashion boutiques in Galeries Louise Rousseau Pharmacy decades a reliable partner on your health .

With our team we have been working further on the road turned off for more than 35 years by May . Jean Rousseau and his wife Bernadette Rousseau . Our vision is not to support through the delivery of traditional medicines , your only health but also by offering natural medicines and alternative therapies , tailored to your specific problems . In particular, our aromatherapy preparations are contributors .

Apart from purely medical products , we have a wide range of beauty brands , para pharmaceutical and nutritional resources .

Our staff is ready to assist you with advice and deed and to offer a personalized therapy .

--- We offer our clients free one hour parking on the Wiltcher's Car Park, 84 Avenue Louise , near the Conrad Hotel . Ask for a parking ticket to our employees. ---