our pharmacy



Our pharmacy is located in the heart of Brussels , between the Louizaplaan & Stéphanie . (floor plan ) [link to google maps in Dutch ]

--- We offer our clients free one hour parking on the Wiltcher's Car Park, 84 Avenue Louise , near the Conrad Hotel . Ask for a parking ticket to our employees. ---


Pharmacy Rousseau has a very extensive range of traditional medicines , homeopathy , aromatherapy , herbal medicine , cosmetics and other types of products . More about our range of products can be found ( here) [ link to " Products " page ]




Upon delivery of a drug or preparation can always try our staff as soon as possible without compromising the quality of our pharmaceutical care to bring into question. Service For a discreet conversation with one of our staff or when a more detailed analysis of your health is identified , we need a separate space provided .

If the order or preparation you are waiting ready in pharmacies can we bring immediately by telephone if you wish.

We regularly take the history of your requirements under the microscope to ensure that no potential adverse drug interactions or other problems may arise .